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COVID vaccine information
There have been a number of announcements made about the vaccine in recent days and we appreciate that it can be confusing.
Healthwatch has created a dedicated vaccine webpage which is being updated regularly, and we would advise you to refer to this page initially. This page contains links to other sources of information.
You can contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question by emailing office@healthwatchbrightonandhove.co.uk, marking your email ‘Vaccine Question’.
The Sussex Health and Care Partnership has created a series of information pages:
(1) For answers to Frequently Asked Questions please click here.
This page provides answers to over 40 commonly asked questions:
Section 1: Receiving the vaccine
Section 2: About the vaccines
Section 3: Specific patient groups and the COVID-19 vaccine
Section 4: Misinformation and the COVID-19 vaccine
Section 5: COVID-19 vaccination scams
Section 6: COVID-19 vaccine and the flu vaccine
Section 7: Contact us
Section 8: Resources
The page is being regularly updated, and it reflects questions that the public have been asking.
We are also sharing questions you have asked us with the Partnership (once we have removed any personally identifiable information).
(2) When will I get my jab?
Click here to access this page which summarises how the vaccine is being roll-out across GP practices, hospital hubs, via roving services, and at large vaccination centres.
Large vaccination centres – each county will have one large vaccination centre which will be able to give the vaccine to large numbers of people. The large vaccination centre that will service our area will be at the Brighton Centre and this is likely to be up and running at the end of January.
The page states:
“You will probably be very keen to get your COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible and will want to know when and where you can get your jab.
The NHS is working extremely hard to get the vaccine to everyone who is eligible as quickly as possible. We have been making very good progress in the short period of time since the vaccination became available. However, we all need to recognise this is the largest vaccination programme ever undertaken by the NHS and it will take time to get to everyone.”
(3) Brighton and Hove vaccination services
Click here to access this page
When you are eligible for your vaccination, you will be contacted by the NHS.
This page explains which GPs and hospitals are delivering the vaccine.

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